Topical views on the rail industry

11 August 2017

Longevity in the railways The result of the longevity of the life of rolling stock on the railways is that often there is a need to “make do and mend”. Unfortunately for the railways of Britain, privatisation took place in the midst of the technology revolution which almost certainly had, for a time, a detrimental […]… Read more

10 December 2014

Remember the McNulty Report? No reason why you should, because everyone else seems to have forgotten about it. Actually, perhaps that’s not fair. DfT now has a Rail Executive, the Rail Delivery Group now exists, Future Railway and the Technical Strategy Leadership Group are now thought-leading divisions within RSSB, tasked with shaping the railway of tomorrow [&hel… Read more

23 June 2014

The availability and deliverability of a new DMU for the UK market is perhaps less of a technical consideration and more of a political and commercial consideration concerning future electrification strategy, residual economic life in the existing DMU fleets, future assumptions about growth and continuing encouragement of rail as well as the commitment of resources [&… Read more