Why we are the Rail Experts

IPEX was born out of a belief in, and passion for, the rail sector.

Our Heritage

Malcolm, the founder of IPEX, joined British Rail (BR) in 1984 as an Undergraduate Apprentice on BR’s monitored professional development scheme. At the time, BR offered the most comprehensive and certain route to Chartered Engineer status with an enviable track record for churning out motivated, experienced professionals in engineering, operations, finance and management disciplines.

Following a lengthy, and enriching, career in technical and general management positions throughout the operational railway, Malcolm moved into consultancy and set up IPEX in 2003. The founding drive was that of an experienced practitioner who took great pride, and fulfilment, in working collaboratively with client colleagues in the design of technical/management solutions, grounded in the practicalities of the rail industry.

The factors that motivated Malcolm to work in the rail industry through his early career inspire all of us in the company today. Fundamentally, we are passionate advocates of rail. Setting aside the somewhat hackneyed ‘apologetic’ media portrayal of rail, we see our services as supporting a critical component of national infrastructure, infrastructure that is chronically under-exploited as a facilitator for UK economic gain.

History shows us that transport communications drive commerce and economic development, providing choices and opportunity as well as industry and prosperity. Since railways emerged in the 19th century, the world has always sought to know what the UK railway industry is doing, placing great value in our rail expertise and engineering leadership. This is still the case today and, at IPEX, we have a great sense of collective pride with regards to our focused involvement in this exciting sector, supporting our clients in the on-going stewardship of this reputation and of this most critical national asset.

In final analysis, railways touch all of our lives, whether as business-commuters, leisure-travellers or just keeping in touch with friends and family. The fact that we work with expert sector organisations in designing and implementing rail solutions, that ultimately impact the lives, and experiences, of so many, provides a profound motivation to our team. Fundamentally, IPEX was born out of a belief in, and passion for, the rail sector.