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Tevel Metro, Israel

The overview

In 2017, the National Transport Authority (“NTA”) awarded the Red Line LRT operation connecting Petah Tikva, Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv-Yafo and Bat Yam in Israel to Tevel, a consortium of Egged (51%) and Chinese companies Shenzhen Metro and CCECC. The operation was for a period of 10 years from launch in 2021 with potential for a six-year extension.

In 2021, as launch approached, IPEX with operations colleagues from Winder Phillips Associates, provided expert support to Tevel, in assessing and refuting a challenge by NTA in regard to staffing levels on subterranean stations.

Our role was to identify and define:

  • applicable international standards and benchmarks that can provide credible reference points and comparisons;
  • parameters within typical standards / best practice that drive staffing levels and roles;
  • automated systems and remote or roving roles, such as OCC (Operations Control Centre) that obviate or support local staff.

Our response and value to the client

We assembled appropriate experienced expertise to analyse and assess applicable international standards and benchmarks in the frame of typical operating dynamics and requirements, highly familiar to us.

We defined the parameters within typical standards / best practice that drive staffing levels and roles, for example:

  1. Station layout and complexity;
  2. Peak passenger numbers;
  3. Incident scenarios to be managed, and we checked the degree to which Tevel met or exceeded requirements in respect of (a) safety, and (b) customer experience;

We analysed to what extent local staffing roles on the subterranean stations are supported or obviated by appropriate automated systems and by remote roles, such as OCC (Operations Control Centre) and supplemented by operating and CX staff roving the entire system;

We assembled a compelling argument for the Tevel staffing levels, pre-empting any anticipated positions / arguments that NTA may have determined.

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