Nova 3 maintenance audit

Beacon Rail Leasing


The overview

In June 2020, 8/13 of Beacon’s Mk5A Loco Hauled Coaching Stock were accepted into service

IPEX was tasked to conduct a process audit to provide assurance for the remaining fleet acceptance activities. IPEX was retained for follow up on the NCRs, and a maintenance audit in November 2020 on the accepted Nova 3 fleet. IPEX also returned for witness inspection in February 2021 for the spare DT car as part of Beacon’s acceptance.

Our role carrying out a process audit, maintenance audit and witness inspection provided Beacon with the rolling stock expertise and assurance for continued Mk5A acceptance, to identify problems and drive improvement through the maintenance of the introduced Nova 3 fleet. IPEX was able to identify gaps in responsibilities of the complex structure of Owner, Operator, Sub-Lease holder, Third party maintainer, and OEM warranty support along with separate OEM and maintainer for the locos. 

Process audit

The process audit involved reporting and following up on the Manufacturer’s testing and commissioning site for the Mk5a fleet introduction to service on behalf of Beacon.

Scope areas included:

Maintenance audit

The maintenance audit included reporting on the suitability and readiness of the maintenance depot for the Nova 3 fleet on behalf of Beacon. 

Scope areas included:

Witness inspection

The witness inspection included reporting and following up of the DT car exchange on behalf of Beacon, to support acceptance of the spare DT for the Mk5a fleet.

 This included:

‘I was pleased with how the project was delivered. It did not require me to babysit the activity. Considering the complexity of the maintenance organisation this was welcomed.’

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