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Discontinuous electrification – electrification hubs
On 12 February 2018, the Rt. Honourable Jo Johnson, then Minister of State at the Department for Transport, announced a new ambition to “take all
Discontinuous electrification – majority electrification
The recent cull in electrification projects in the UK has seen a rise in the exploration of alternatives, particularly alternative fuels. Although this is an
Japan, Inspiring Innovation in UK Rail
Innovation is a hot topic at the moment, particularly in the rail industry, but where does innovation come from? Some say it comes from inside
What do hand dryers have to do with business performance?
Are you a proponent of the Dyson Airblade hand dryer? It seems to be widely appreciated and purchased accordingly – popping up in more and
The rebirth of LNER
Renationalisation? Really? The announcement by the Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP on 16 May 2018 that Virgin Trains East Coast would be taken back into
The internal Tetris: a kernel solution
Introduction In common with any complex system our railways must balance multiple tensions between competing requirements and as the social, economic and political environment alters
Putting the spring back in the seat of the passenger
Introduction Following on from IPEX’s industry insight introducing the concept of height adjustable seats to ensure comfort, a journalist contacted IPEX for an article being
Reducing the damage caused by freight train derailments
Introduction Every year there are a number of derailments on our railways; most not getting any media coverage. This is no surprise as a train
Are you sitting comfortably?
Introduction In recent years, many trains have been introduced with seats that are generally considered less comfortable than the seats on the trains they replace.