OUIGO España

Maintenance Contract Support

Adif (the Spanish state-owned railway infrastructure manager) awarded to Ouigo (formerly Rielsfera) an Open Access operation for 4-5 trains per day in each direction between Madrid and Barcelona starting in December 2020. Ouigo procured 14 TGV train sets from parent SNCF to fulfil its operations and contracted Alstom to provide maintenance with access made available at Renfe depot facilities.

Ouigo retained IPEX to provide expert commercial and technical advice reviewing the 10-year maintenance contract with Alstom the and arrangements to secure performance and efficiency commitments, including a 10-year extension option.

Our role in maintenance contract support consisted of analysing 14 areas of the draft contract, providing assessments, comparing with best practice, especially in UK, presented in a report with conclusions and recommendations. The report provided Ouigo with the crucial information used to validate its negotiations with Alstom and demonstrate corporate governance to its parent, SNCF, benchmarking against existing maintenance contracting methodologies.

IPEX’s scope and achievements included:

  • Design Authority, retained by SNCF, implications and legislation.
  • Warranty expectations for what should be provided by SNCF.
  • Maintenance arrangements between Ouigo, Alstom and Renfe for forecasting, procurement and capacity.
  • Supply chain risks and challenges with Alstom sourcing spares and component overhauls from SNCF and other suppliers.
  • Review of the planning process for ramp up phase and demand change.
  • Damage & vandalism mechanisms review and responsibility of cost.
  • Handover / handback procedure and obligation review.
  • Drugs and alcohol policy review for obligations, such as testing.
  • Contract management review of the TSA.
  • Review and assessment of the proposed fleet utilisation.
  • KPIs critical review of the penalty regime.
  • Yearly pricing review of the proposed provisions.
  • ECM management review for best practice assessment.
  • Residual value assessment for the key points to ensure that the fleet does not lose value over the contract or at handover of maintenance.